BÚZAVIRÁG & Chocorich gin chocolate

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At the Great Taste Awards, also known as the Food Oscars, Mayer & Búzavirág Tonic Syrup, co-developed with Mayer Syrup, was included in the world’s top quality tonics and was awarded a star by a jury of international gastronomy professionals.

Exclusively natural ingredients, like quinine and a special spice mixture, are the secret of the Mayer Búzavirág Syrup – a perfect combination with other quality gins too.

Just a bottle of the Mayer Búzavirág Tonic Syrup replaces 25 bottled tonics. The about its high-quality products famous manufactory appears on the spirit market with an excellent cocktail ingredient, what brings a new lifestyle – be eco-friendly. It’s ideal not just for the pubs and bars, but for consumption at home too.

Minimizing the rate of the environmental burden we use eco-friendly packaging and cooling. The carbon footprint of the transport, the space requirement, and the charges of the storage have ad-vantages against the bottled tonic drinks.


2023 limited edition

With Búzavirág gin, the already well-known flavors were supplemented with summery spices and southern fruits thereby creating a magnificent London dry gin. 

This is how Búzavirág Summer edition became a light, summer evening gin that harmonizes perfectly with any Indian tonic. lemon, orange or lime.

Main spices:

  • juniper
  • lime
  • coriander
  • angelica
  • pepper
  • mint
  • cardamom
  • orange and lemon peel
  • rosemary
  • almond


2020 limted edition

We created this gin with special taste for Christmas. The original floral and fruity character is sup-plemented with Christmas spices: cinnamon, allspice, star anise, almond. Limited edition and pre-mium gift box.